How Cities and Local Governments Can Contribute to Better Relations Between Africa and EU/ rope?

A study by Sylvia Amann - inforelais in the framework of the EU project "Deconfining"



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The EU project “Deconfining” was initiated to improve the relations between Africa and EU/rope by the means of culture, arts, and policy. Capitals of Culture and similar initiative have a so far untapped potential as accelerators of improved intercontinental relations. The European Capitals of Culture 2024 Salzkammergut – Austria and Bodø – Norway partnered with Sylvia Amann – inforelais to investigate the current frameworks and future potential of local to local cooperation in and with culture on both continents by the means of a study. The work also benefited of the additional inputs from stakeholders of the first African Capital of Culture and a wide range of intercontinental exchanges and interviews.

What can be the next steps of action? We must understand that there is an urgent need as well as momentum to improve the intercontinental relations between EU/rope and Africa. Local actors of cooperation should focus their engagement on common reflection and co-creation, intercontinental empowerment, invest in comprehensive information activities, intensify global networking, and ensure access to finance and infrastructures in the spirit of intercontinental solidarity. The EU project “Deconfining” aims at further supporting these endeavours with a platform for exchange and encounters. We are looking forward continuing together this journey with your engagement!

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