Deconfining – International Cultural Relations



29 March 2023, 15:30 – 17:30 hours (CET), Online Debate 3

How Cities and Local Governments Can Contribute to Better Relations Between Africa and EU/ rope? The roles of Capitals of Culture and similar initiatives are debated between actors of cooperation and policymakers based on the Deconfining study results. Join the Intercontinental Online Debate!



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29 March 2023, 15:30 – 17:30 hours (CET), Online Debate 3

Deconfining – a 4-years EU project – aims at enhancing the international cultural exchange between cities and regions which implement(ed) Capitals of Culture or similar initiatives. The project has a special focus on Africa and EU/rope. By the means of cultural and artistic exchange as well as updated policies, different confined attitudes and stereotypes should be overcome.

As one of the first steps, we elaborated a study on the status and potential for improvement of international (cultural) cooperation between Africa and EU/rope. By the means of online debates, we aim at establishing sustainable intercontinental communities and platforms for debate.

Debate 3 is dedicated to: “Momentum to improve intercontinental relations between Africa and EU/rope: How can we all be actors of better cooperation?” which includes the presentation of the results of the Deconfining Study, an intercontinental forum for debate of actors of cooperation, and an intercontinental political conversation. We are looking forward meeting you soon!


15:30 Welcome

15:40 “How to improve intercontinental cultural cooperation by cities and local governments between EU/rope and Africa?” – Presentation of the Deconfining Study by Sylvia Amann, Inforelais- Q&A with the participants

16:10 Debates between actors of cooperation

The Deconfining Online Rooms provide space to exchange between participants and to elaborate feedbacks from citizens, local operators, experts, researchers, and political representatives.

16:40 Conversations with policymakers on better cooperation settings and actions

An exchange with Hannes Heide, Member of the European Parliament, and Mamou Daffé, Festival sur le Niger / Centre Culturel kore with Sylvia Amann, Deconfining study author
Q&A with the participants based on the online debates and beyond.

17:20 Next Steps, Community-Chats, Thanks and Goodbye

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Registered participants will receive the access information shortly before the online debate.

Projektleitung Salzkammergut 2024: Eva Mair, Sonja Zobel
Programmlinie: KULTUR IM FLUSS